Black swans of the American inventory market. – Analytics & Forecasts – 27 December 2022

The put up by Dmitry Medvedev within the telegram channel dated December 26, 2022 will not be a futuristic speculation. For my part, this put up is an actual vector of future developments, particularly concerning 8, 9 and 10 factors.

The implementation of the eighth paragraph, for instance, could be like this.

Alaska is a subject of the Russian Federation

The US known as itself an enemy of the Russian State, thereby condemning itself to destruction, as a result of all the historical past of the Russian State reveals that its enemies are all the time overthrown by the peoples of Nice Russia.

Victory over the enemy should happen on all fronts – army, political, informational, financial. All the pieces that gives survivability to our enemy should be destroyed, together with within the monetary sector.

The purpose of the US is obvious – to manage the world by a monetary system constructed on the hegemony of the greenback. The coverage of the so-called managed chaos, which provokes always smoldering armed conflicts, turning right into a burning section, in Eurasia and Africa is designed to weaken all international locations and make America an island of stability for world capital. A world monetary system primarily based on the uncontrolled and subsequently felony inexperienced paper printing is the chair the US sits on. Those that name on america to stand up from this chair are despatched obscenely by them. Knocking out a chair from below a seated individual is a troublesome job, requiring big efforts and sudden actions, it’s a lot simpler to overturn a seated individual by sawing the leg of this chair.

Below the leg of the chair is supposed the American inventory market, the collapse of which at one level will result in the impoverishment of the US inhabitants and the depreciation of monetary property denominated in US {dollars}. To say that it will have a optimistic impact on the expulsion of america from Ukraine, Poland, Romania, the Baltic states, in addition to the elimination of American nuclear arsenals from Turkey, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands, is like saying nothing.

The inventory market within the American monetary system is similar to a rod in a kids’s pyramid, pulling out which, shedding stability, crumbles when it’s calmly touched.

To destroy something, it’s mandatory to grasp the construction of the article being destroyed (its core) and to determine weak factors with a view to apply efforts within the route mandatory for this destruction.

For example, an enormous block of stone, which can’t be destroyed even by a simultaneous blow of 100 thousand sledgehammers, it seems that it may be destroyed by hitting a small hammer in the fitting place and in the fitting route, understanding its inside construction and weak factors the place to hit. For instance, the descent of rocks with a quantity of 25 million cubic meters. m on the Bureya River on December 11, 2018 might have been attributable to a hoof that ran within the incorrect place and on the incorrect time by some mountain goat.

All that is true not just for materials objects, for instance, the destruction of the “Union of the Indestructible Republics of the Free” occurred with minimal effort on the proper time and in the fitting place by signing three insignificant unlawful paperwork.

The US is in no way an exception to the rule. Something can occur, however you possibly can’t watch for the fitting goat to run in the fitting place and on the proper time to deliver down the fitting one. The method wants assist – to gather the required goats and manage their passage subsequent to the American backyard.

As for monetary crises, I’m completely certain that the looks of black swans within the inventory market doesn’t simply occur, the time of their look could be predicted with a reasonably correct definition of value and time intervals. It’s at these particular time intervals that black swans can arrive, and when this occurs, a state of affairs arises during which a small pebble that has fallen down from the wind from the mountain causes a stone tsunami on the foot of this mountain.

The Nice Melancholy that occurred in America within the 30s of the final century is an effective affirmation of this. That is the case when the US drank in full from the arrival of black swans.

The video under reveals the fractal construction of the Dow Jones Index chart previous to the 1929 inventory market crash and the approaching Nice Melancholy.

The subsequent time interval during which the black swans had been alleged to fly to the American inventory market is 1945. Nonetheless, america, having concentrated 70% of the world’s gold reserves on its territory, prevented a collapse within the inventory market by declaring the US greenback the world’s gold-backed forex.

The video under reveals the fractal construction of the Dow Jones index chart, which took form on the eve of the Bretton Woods convention.

The subsequent estimated time interval for the arrival of black swans on the American inventory market was 1973. However this time too, the US received away with it, decoupling the US greenback from gold and beginning uncontrolled emission and criminally unrestrained progress of public debt.

The video under reveals the fractal construction of the Dow Jones index chart, which took form on the eve of the Jamaica Convention.

The time interval that started on September 2, 2021 grew to become the subsequent estimated time interval for the arrival of black swans on the US inventory market. For Russia, a window of alternative is opening to ask America for all of the crimes dedicated, discarding all of the boundaries of decency.

The primary job needs to be to stop america from getting away with it this time. America should be compelled to pay for all of the amassed money owed to the World and particularly to reply for the unleashed warfare in Ukraine with an entire withdrawal from the Eurasian continent.

The video under reveals the fractal construction of the Dow Jones Index chart, which took form on the eve of September 2, 2021.

I imagine that the state of affairs is ripe for a really deep correction on the American inventory market, which can final till 2028 and inside which the whole capitalization of American corporations might lower by greater than 2.5 occasions and, I’m certain that Russia is within the energy to present this course of highly effective acceleration.

I outlined my ideas on the subject of value forecasting within the monetary market within the article “Apophenia as an apologist for clairvoyance in capital markets”.

Within the article “When will Dow be low?” the theoretical points of the strategy of modeling the monetary market are described and its sensible software is proven on the instance of the dynamics of the values of the American inventory index Dow Jones.